We are here to support and provide you with suitable accommodation. We will ensure that your accommodation meets the standards required by legislation and also by the local authorities who house you with us.

We will support you before and after you move into a property. We are there for you when you need to get in touch with us, and when you need to report any issues.

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Moving In

We ensure the property is clean, well decorated and of a good standard of repair and safety before you move into the property.

We take meter readings of gas and electricity supplies where applicable and arrange the setting up of all utility accounts for you.

we make sure you are settled. We answer any questions you have and show you where everything is and make sure that you know how to operate the appliances.

Our Relationship

We have dedicated staff that are allocated to you to look after your needs. They are highly experienced in dealing with all queries and issues. 

We will also visit you from time to time to ensure everything is running as smooth as possible. 

If you have a problem with your accommodation or a question, please contact our office during working hours – 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Property Inspections

We will carry out property inspections on behalf of the Local Authority and your Landlord. This is a requirement to ensure all properties are being maintained in the way they should. We will always try and arrange a day and time that is convenient for you. 

Very rarely, a visit may be required by the landlord or the local authority, again we will let you know if this is ever required and will work around a day and time that is convenient for you. 

Report a Repair

When the property is handed over to you, we go through a check list of things to ensure everything is functional and in good working order.

You must report to us anything in the property that is broken or looks like it is about to break or looks like it may be dangerous.

You can contact us by phone, email or by completing the ‘Book a Repair’ form under Services page.

All Properties Meet Quality Standards

We work closely with landlords and local authorities to ensure that your accommodation meets the standards required by legislation and also by the local authorities who house you with us.

Duty of Care

All landlords that have properties with us have a duty of care to provide a clean, safe and functional environment. Tenants have a duty of care to respect the property of the landlords and to keep the accommodation clean and in good order.

Tenant Responsibilities

A full set of tenant obligations and responsibilities will be set out in your support contract that is given to you before you move into a property.

As part of your support contract, you are responsible for the payment of your weekly service charge, which covers both your support and costs of utilities for your own room (lighting, heating, etc.). You are also responsible for keeping your property in a good state of cleanliness, decoration and repair. 

We will carry out a needs assessment and build a bespoke support plan for you. We expect you to positively engage in the support we provide. We set out goals for you to achieve during your stay and you will work closely with your support worker who will also provide any assistance you need.

You are expected to attend weekly support meetings and you must remain in contact with your allocated support worker. If you are unable to attend an allocated time, you should provide enough notice so we can rearrange your meeting. Persistent failure to engage in your support meetings may lead to termination of your contract.

You have an obligation to the landlord to make sure you, or your visitors, do not cause any damage to the property or contents, or cause annoyance to your neighbours. 


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We will find the right tenant for your property and get you the market rental income. We guarantee to pay your rent even if your house stays unoccupied and we will do this for up to 5 years. Contact us for more details.

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